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Aislig Bheag is the ideal platform for corporate events. It's size and comfort coupled with it's exhilarating performance make it a memorable venue for both clients and employees alike.

Client entertainment, team building, staff rewards and incentives can all be accommodated and designed to meet your own corporate needs. Treat your customers or suppliers to a trip to remember and at the same time build relationships that will enhance your business. The advantages of Sailing are that it is the ultimate team sport available to all, irrespective of prior knowledge or experience. Our experienced skippers will work with you to provide an enjoyable trip and ensure that all of the “crew” participate. Trips can be arranged for a day, a weekend, or longer. Call us to make specific arrangements


Team Building


Yachts need people to work together to sail efficiently – much like your business. The day to day activities may be different but the overriding drivers by which they are achieved are exactly the same. What areas are common or similar between sailing and business that makes them both successful?


For a yacht to sail effectively and maximise its output from the wind and other elements it requires the following:


  • Shared vision – where are we going, what are we trying to achieve
  • Clear objectives and goals - who is going to do what, when will happen, what are our limitations (weather, tides, etc), can we control them
  • Clarity of roles – who does what, who makes the decisions, who can contribute the most (role reversal)
  • Leadership – confident, inspirational,
  • Management efficiency – time, people, resources
  • Teamwork – working together, rewards, initiative, support, suggestions
  • Communications – use of clear and efficient communications
  • Success measurement – agreed, measured, celebrated


Notice the similarity to your business needs? We can work either directly with your management team, your HR department or your Leadership and Development consultants to tailor the sailing experience to maximise the results to meet your specific corporate needs.

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